An amazing and different concert at La Touche

Occasionally we are privileged to experience a rather special musical performance. Billed as Une famille de musiciens Anglais Jacobs Street recently gave just such a performance in the music room at La Touche.

They set the tone with their opening number “I want you back” a cutely choreographed Jackson 5 number and the audience of 60 of French and Brits was hooked. Jacobs Street comprise mother and father Bebe and Laurence, daughters Avi and Shira, and son Alex now joined by his stunning new bride Carling.

Jacobs Street continued to delight with a series of sixteen solos, duets and ensemble numbers ranging from Mendelssohn to recent show stoppers mixed with iconic classics from Elton John and Gershwin. Laurence’s Cantor-like rendition of Handel’sWhere e’er you Walk was strangely moving as was the family’s hauntingly beautiful traditional Hebrew Hava Nashira.

Carling (Connor) is Alex’s bride of but a few weeks and has a beautiful voice and polished style. Her solo numbers, ShenandoahI could have danced all night, and (especially for the French section of the audience) J’avais rêvé were quite beautiful. Alex and Carlings closing duet (Suddenly Seymour) was of two young lovers who sang and performed magnificently together.

In spite of her slight frame Shira has a powerful almost jazzy voice and sang two terrific duets with brother Alex, The Prayer and Summertime. And Alex too in his solo numbers showed his range and power.

Avi choreographed the ensemble numbers and Bebe provided the intros and links.

Altogether a memorable evening skilfully organised, as ever, by Penny and Peter. The audience showed their appreciation by donating 500 Euros for famine in Africa However good we all felt before the performance we felt even better at the close and after only one encore the audience were on their feet and calling for more. A real musical treat.

Anthony Crandon

August 2011

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